Elevation Fest 2016 is an annual traveling skate competition. Expanding each year Elevation Sports plans to hit the road and go to multiple skate parks in the area putting on an event for all ages. including live music, free food, and best of all, a skate competition where everyone is a winner at some point in the journey. Weather you leave with a brand new skateboard because you showcased your talent to the best of your ability's or you leave with nothing but a full stomach it should be a great experience for everybody. 

No Entry Fee Required



1pm --- game of skate

2pm --- high ollie 

2:30 --- Jame Session

Break for Music

3:30 --- Best Mini Run (2 one minute runs)

4:00 --- Small Jam With Music

4:15 --- Full Park Runs (3 one minute runs)

Break for last band

5:30 --- depending on the amount of prizes left, random events or cleanup

First Jame should be on double pyramids, second jam on either the kicker or the elevation rail